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We source our products from Pricer who manufactures the most reliable enterprise-grade electronic shelf label in the world.
With more than 30 years’ experience in retail pricing and task management, we create solutions even for
the most complex operations. 




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Cloud solution available for managing ESLs


SmartTAG True Four Colour

The most dramatic, beautiful and clear e-paper label ever created.

A new generation range of display and electronic shelf label (ESL) designed to engage and communicate using superior resolution graphics and stunning bright colors. 

Pricer’s unique and scalable infrastructure means longer battery life and greater capacity for changes, updates and use of flash meaning that these are the most highly functional and longest lasting displays and ESLs of their type in the industry.

Unlike all the other ESL suppliers around the world who talk about having 4 Colour ESL’s, show fancy videos, and send out glossy brochures, we don’t just talk about 4 colour PRICER is manufacturing 4 Colour ESL’s NOW, we have them in stock and are already installing them.

At OZESL – We walk the talk!

SmartTAG HD – E Paper

E Paper has a crisp high-definition display. Use E-paper technology for easy readability!

It has fine resolution for better rendering of text and graphics. The display is extra-wide with a 170 degree viewing angle and low reflection in all lighting situations.

These labels are easy to link with products because of their integrated ID barcode on the front.


We have a large selection of mounting options in colour and size. Contact us to find out more! 


We have an amazing selection of marketing options. Ideal to display your products and prices effectively! 

Our Partnership

OZESL partnered with Pricer, is the only ESL provider with the reliable and scalable optical wireless communications system in the near infrared spectrum. This means that our labels consume considerably less energy than other communication systems. We maintain fast and agile performance alongside industry-leading battery life.

300+ Completed Installations

“I decided to implement ESL into my store. It is a user-friendly state of the art ticket management system which eliminates price integrity issues. From a long term perspective, it was a time and cost saving solution for the business”

Simon & Alex - They have purchased their second store with ESLs after using them in their first store for 5 years

ESL has made a significant difference to our business in the following ways:
– Accuracy in pricing, savings are clearly shown.
– Faster set up times on Monday mornings.
– Maintenance changes done in minutes.
– Control of facing because of the label being locked into place.

We have had this system for over a year now and would never go back to paper ticketing. I would recommend this to any operator/ owner!

Mark A'Court - User of ESLs for over 10 years

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our
products and capabilities.

Why is dynamic positioning so important?

Traditional, manually positioned geolocation solutions not only consume a lot of store associate hours to maintain, but they also tend to fail in practice. In real-life stores, products change locations often without getting assigned a new manual position.

With the revolutionary Pricer dynamic product positioning, you will be able to geolocate any individual product automatically. If you move the product and its ESL to another aisle, the system will automatically recognize it and calculate its new position.
If you move a product to another aisle and use a different ESL, your Pricer system will keep track of it, no manual intervention needed. This dynamic positioning saves a lot of staff time and keeps you on top of your products.

How important is battery life of labels?

Labels are the major part of an installation, so it is important to look beyond the initial cost. Compare the cost over the lifetime of the product when the price is similar, as labels that last longer will have a lower total
cost of ownership.

What is optical vs radio?

Radio systems suffer from interference with other signals such as WiFi networks and devices. The radio frequencies most commonly used are the 868MHz and 2,4GHz bands, which are extremely crowded. A transmission that works the first time might be disrupted next time.

Our optical spectrum (880 nm) is almost noise-free. The radio frequency pollution will not go away in the future – it will actually become even worse. Optical wireless communication is therefore more stable, reliable, robust and more future-proof.

What is instant flash?

Pricer Instant Flash is a new, ground-breaking feature that is taking our SmartFlash innovation to a new level! In 2014, Pricer introduced the innovative SmartFlash, an LED on the ESL that can flash to attract
visual attention.
The SmartFlash revolutionized the ESL market, transforming the ESL from being “just” a digital price tag to a critical enabler of efficient store floor operations and promotional activities. The flashing LED can be detected from a long distance, easily guiding you to a product even if you are standing far away from it.

Why is speed so important?

Speed is a very important feature in an industrial performance ESL system.
Pricer is up to 900 times more responsive* and our graphical labels can do over 35,000 price updates per hour – everywhere in the store (no radio blind spots).
Our system is unaffected by other communication and works flawlessly today, tomorrow and five years from now.  Since we don’t fight with WiFi, 4G & 5G networks and other radio systems, we don’t need to retransmit and can avoid long, unacceptable delays when updating a label.
*1 sec compared to 30 sec sleep time for radio frequency competitor. 

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