Virtually any business dealing involves the client and supplier working towards a common goal. But it’s the stuff that happens leading up to and during implementation that decides how easily and quickly that goal is achieved.


We’d like to acknowledge the team at Noel Leeming for such a rewarding experience in completing a full nationwide rollout of ESLs for all their retail stores. In particular, a special thank you to @Niki Davis, @Matthew Hansen, and @Dylan Weymouth. Your passion and dedication is inspiring.


In celebrating our mutual success, it’s important to take time to appreciate the wonderful  relationship we’ve built. In the space of one year, we’ve persevered through COVID-related challenges, a mid-project platform migration, as well as on-going development and testing phases. Every step of the way, we’ve maintained a calm, and positive working environment – focused on delivery of the end product. This is what a rollout should look like!


The NZESL team are looking forward to continuing our partnership to build further functionality into your ESL system.