Who We Are

About NZ ESL

NZ ESL provides New Zealand with Electronic labelling solutions for the retail and non retail sector. It provides platform, solutions, and services for intelligently communicating, managing, and optimizing price and product information on the shop floor. The platform is based on a two-way communication protocol to ensure a complete traceability and management of resources. Pricer was the first and only supplier to offer retailers both segment-based and E-ink display solutions, under the same infrastructure. Pricer offers the most complete and scalable ESL solution.

About Pricer

Our partner Pricer has more than 20-year experience in developing Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL). Appealing shape, layout and form as well as a broad variety of labels make our ESL the best-in-class in the world. Pricer, founded in 1991 in Uppsala, Sweden, offers the most complete and scalable ESL solution. The Pricer electronic price and information systems significantly increases consumer benefit while optimizing operational efficiency and profitability. Pricer is the largest ESL company with an installed base greater than its competitors’ combined.We work with the world’s top retailers, small and large alike: grocers, DIY, electronics and specialty stores. So far, Pricer has sold more than 165 million electronic shelf labels to 16000 stores in 50 countries.