Our newest partnership is with Whywaste. A sophisticated but easy to use tool for expiration date management. Already installed by numerous retailers globally it has effectively decreased their food waste and the associated revenue loss.


Further, a solid integration with Pricer’s Instant Flash drastically reduces the time spent on date-checking.


NZESL works with a number of local and international suppliers to manufacture and develop all the other accessories used with our electronic labels, many of these are bespoked to meet unique customer requirements.

Reduce food waste at your store

through data driven solutions

Whywaste has researched the best practices in thousands of stores around the world and combined them into two easy-to-use applications.

From the single convenience store to the international chain of hypermarkets, Whywaste have a track record of saving valuable time and reducing food waste.

Modern date checking

The smartest way to keep track of expiration dates in grocery stores. Get a short list of products at risk of expiring – no more weekly checks of all the products in the store.